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On This Planet

A significant part of On This Planet is a video scenery, continuing throughout the entire piece. It is based on Hannu Hautalas nature images. His way to portray the desolate and immaculate nature of eastern Finnish Lapland fitted perfectly the ambience the production team was after. The tranguil, immobilised images give the spectator the opportunity of an intimate elevation The pictures create a scenery for the viewer to set themselves in through their own personal experiences.

The original slides were scanned carefully so that the tones of the colours were captured as intact as possible. Dramaturgist Heikki Innane combined the 300 selected image files to create a video scenery by using cross-fades and various cuts. The movement in the scenery is created solely by cutting the images.

Hannu Hautala had images, I found to fit perfectly into this compilation. It was quite a safe feeling, as I know there would, in Hannus one million picture archives, be material for any possible theme. My world was 360 degrees open, and I had absolutely no lumits, Heikki recalls. My guideline was pure intuition, I listened to the music and then assigned the images to the rhythm of the music.

Images are raw material, Hannu reminds us. In nature photography there are so many items affluencing the final outcome. Setting up the scene in wild nature is not that easy. Thus Im willing to accept, that sometimes images are needed to be flipped, transformed or altered in other ways. It is the end result that counts. And I have not usually been disappointed when I have granted full freedom to use of my pictures. They are just raw material, from which a diamond will be pulled out.

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