On This Planet

On This Planet - Aspects of Finnish Nature is a story about Finnish nature and mentality. It combines music, dance and a video scenery made of still nature images to an breathtaking experience. The music is composed by Harri Ahmas. Timo Tuovinen created a sound scenery, and nature images were selected from Hannu Hautalas over one million image archive.

The first chapter in On This Planet is called Birth. Birth is the dusk of beginning, in which the lines are refined behind the mist. Second chapter is Moon In The Darkness. It is pale, beautiful and confusing light. This chapter is an inspiring solo of the kantele. The third chapter is the nightly kingdom of Stars. The stars shine a soft light. The lighting changes and night falls.

Fourth chapter is the lonely solo of the cello, and is called Mirror. This mirror reflects loneliness. One sees the picture when one looks into two different mirrors. The fifth chapter is called Collision. Collision is the turning point for everything. Energy concentrates into an unevitable change. The sixth and last chapter has the name Immensity. Immensity is a possibility, beginning of a new life. Life continues forever on this planet.

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