Making of

On This Planet

The composition of On This Planet - Aspects of Finnish Nature commenced in autumn 2001. It took about one year to put all the pieces together, including music composition and building the video scenery. First performance was in Hannu Hautalas home town, at Kuusamo Hall, on September 15, 2002. The DVD version was released year later, in summer 2003. It has the honor of being the first Finnish classical music DVD.

This multiartistic composition was created as the result of intuitive collaboration of various artists. The desire was to combine traditional elements with modern technology. As a foundation for the project Harri Ahmas composed a piece, which was recorded by Marianne and Tomi Uotila. On computer Timo Tuovinen composed a musical scenery, based on the material of the kantele and cello. The acoustic instrument music was added onto this. Heikki Innanen combined the music with Hannu Hautalas nature images, and Leena Gustavsons dance choreography.

The creation of On This Planet and this DVD took a total of two years. During these years a lot of staff was required. Organizers, dressmakers, hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers, cameramen, various experts, graphic designers, translators, even cooks and transport equipment were needed. The project was done in the spirit of co-operation. Everyone got more inspiration from each others input and from the new elements that were being created for the project. There was a demand for daring and experimentative spirit and hard work.

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