On This Planet

Hannu Hautala

Hannu Hautala is the pioneer of Finnish nature photography. Nature photography, which started as a hobby, led him to being a fulltime professional already in the year 1970. Books telling about nature via photos are his main works and over 30 have already been published. Hannu does his work all year round, at all hours of the day and - naturally - in the nature. He is an inspired explorer, always in search of something new.He feels that the best shot is still to be taken. Hannu is very open-minded about the use of new techniques of picture manipulation when it comes to his pictures. He thinks pictures are just raw material, which one can draw new perspective from - just as has been done in On This Planet.

Harri Ahmas

Harri Ahmas is an open-minded, composer of new music. His productions include symphonies, concertos, and arrangements for orchestras as well as numerous chambermusic compositions for various ensembles. He has also composed a chamber-opera as well as other vocal music. The spectrum of artists in On This Planet was a great challenge for Harri. As a composer he had to become aquainted with the distinctive features of the kantele and the cello, but at the same time needed to keep in mind adjusting it to the rhythm of the computer produced sound and video scenery.

Timo Tuovinen

Timo Tuovinen is a heavy duty professional in making film music and producing music. He has produced the music for 18 long feature films, of which some have been rewarded with acknowledged Finnish prizes. Along with films, Timo has produced dozens of records and taken part in creating over 300 records either as a recorder, mixer or as a musician. Timo is also a composer who has created numerous ample music compilations. In the work On This Planet Timos composing skills were needed in creating the sound scenery. Timo made on the computer - out of only a few seconds of recorded acoustic music - all the vivid sound scenery that On This Planet consists of.

Heikki Innanen

Heikki Innanen has worked in the film industry since 1973. In his diverse career he has produced 15 films, of which 7 have been long feature films. Heikki also has experience of working as a director and as a script writer. Nature plays an important part for Heikki and therefor he was the most natural choice of a script writer for On This Planet. The choosing of photographs and the stucture of storytelling could have only been pulled off by a professional, whom spends all his free time with picture manipulation and taking pictures.

Marianne Uotila

Marianne Uotila is one of the frontline kantele artists in Finland. She has held concerts widely spread around the world both as a soloist of an orchestra as well as a solo artist. Mariannes style of playing is soft and full of expression. The kantele parts in On This Planet are technically very challenging, but at the same time they give possibilities to combine different styles of playing, the only limit being her imagination.

Tomi Uotila

Tomi Uotila is a diverse cello artists, who influences various fields of cellomusic. Tomi is very interested in the integration of different artforms. This kind of broad assimilations of arts is also behind On This Planet. The compilation has been influenced by Tomis ideas. In his work as a cello pedagogue Tomi also tries to promote the view of braking the strict boundaries of different art forms.

Leena Gustavson

Leena Gustavson, who started as a dancer at the Finnish national balley, moved on in the late 1970 to become an influence in the modern field of balley. Leena is a frontline dance artist in Finland. She is also a pioneer, whos work has been described as visually astonishing. Leenas refined moves and expressions bring dimension and feeling to the work On This Planet that are hard to relate with mere still images of nature.

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